From Foster Care to a Forever Family – Another Opportunity to assist a wonderful family

This morning I met with a great family at the Whitfield County Department of Family and Children Services. The occasion was for the Department Director to sign the Consent to Adopt form (along with many other forms signed). This form allows the foster family to file the petition in Superior Court to adopt the foster child. This is a big step in the process of adopting a child out of foster care. By this point in the process, the rights of the biological parents have been dealt with such that the child is now available for adoption. The adoption itself is the only remaining hurdle.

Now, I have the responsibility of preparing the adoption petition so that it meets all requirements of the Georgia code for adopting a child out of the State’s custody. And if you can’t tell, please be assured that I consider it a distinct privilege to represent this family, and all families similarly situated, as they take the final steps towards permanency for this precious child. The goal of the entire body of both federal and state law for children in foster care is permanency. Many children return to their family of origins. But those that can’t be returned deserve a forever family.

So today was an exciting day. I can’t wait to get a final adoption order for this child. That will be an even more exciting day.

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